Print on Demand for Photographic Prints

Selling photographic prints on Etsy or Amazon? We specialize in Print on Demand and bulk printing for photographic prints with a special focus on 8x10 and 11x14 prints.

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Print on demand for photographic prints

$.82 8x10 Prints

8x10 prints start at $.82 each and go down to $.73 each if you have 4 or more. Always shipped flat.

$1.95 11x14 prints

11x14 prints start at $1.95 each and go down to $1.90 each if you have 4 or more. Always shipped flat.

$15.00 16x20 Prints

16x20 prints are $15.00 each. 1-2 ship rolled in a tube, 3 or more ship flat.

Flat Rate Shipping

All standard orders ship for the same flat rate of $8.95. Most orders ship within 24 hours.

Etsy Integration

Are you selling on Etsy? We have a full integration with Etsy thru our FBQ system which allows easy fulfillment of your orders.

Drop Shipping

We can drop ship direct to your client, the enclosed packing slip will not have any pricing info on it or any mention of our lab.

No Minimums

We handle both large bulk orders and single print dropship orders.

Fuji Photo Paper

Fuji Crystal Archive Type CA traditional photo paper, luster finish on all prints up to 12x18.

FBA Prep Service

Prints + stay flat mailers + FBA labels + box contents + ship to Amazon. Done.

Print on demand for photographic prints

8x10 drop ship example, prints go in an envelope and then inside a box with a sheet of cardboard. The packing slip has no pricing info or lab info.

The FBQ Mapping System

Our FBQ system (Fulfilled by Qprints) is made specifically for people who sell photographic prints and allows you to upload your images into the system and then associate them with a product. For example if you have a set of 4 images of beach scenes that you sell as a set, you would upload those 4 images into a mapping and set it to be printed as an 11x14. You would then be able to order that mapping as needed with just a few clicks.

Etsy Integration

The FBQ system connects to etsy and allows you to submit order details along with the mapping(s) needed for us to fulfill the order. Once we ship the order we also update Etsy with the shipping status and tracking number.

Once an Etsy Variation is mapped in our system it only takes one click to send future orders in for fulfillment.

Amazon FBA

If you send inventory to Amazon for FBA fulfillment we have a prep service that handles packing the prints in stay flat mailers, labeling them and filling out the box contents and shipping them to Amazon for you.

If you like to do the prep yourself or have another provider you use, we do bulk printing and for sets of images that are the same sku we collate the prints so they are easy to sort. We also label each box of prints with which skus are inside making it easier to organize the prints when you receive them.

Amazon FBM

If you sell on Amazon but do not use them for fulfillment you can easily send in orders via our FBQ system but it is not automated like the Etsy connection is. You would need to search for the mapping, paste in the customer address and then send in the order. Once we ship it you would need to manually copy our tracking number and update the order on Seller Central.

Print on demand mapping system for photographic prints


Why are These Prints so Cheap?

By focusing mostly on a couple print sizes (8x10 & 11x14) we can standardize everything we do to make it as efficient as possible, and then offer the best price possible. While the price of our prints is very cheap - and our intention is to have the lowest price for 8x10 and 11x14 prints, they are still very high quality - printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper.

We also have our shipping rate set to where we make a little bit on the super small orders for only a couple prints and this gives the best price for larger orders.

How Do I Order?

Our Print on Demand system is a closed system - we call it the FBQ system (Fulfilled by Qprints), you must sign up for an account to use it. Once you have an account you can upload your images and create mappings for them. You can then order prints of those mappings as needed. You can also use the normal ordering system to order prints, but the Print on Demand system is the best way to order prints if you are selling the same images over and over.

Turn Around Times

Our normal turnaround time is 24 hours, usually orders received by 10 am ship the same day. Large orders (5000 + prints) may take an extra day or two.

Shipping - How Long Will it Take?

Once your order is printed (usually 24 hours or less) it will ship via the USPS (usually). At checkout you can choose from our Standard shipping - which is via Ground and usually takes 3-8 days, or Priority Mail which is normally 2-4 days. These are estimates only, it is not guaranteed and occasionally there are delays.

We can also ship next day via UPS, but we don't encourage this unless you have to - and keep in mind UPS sometimes delivers late and will only refund the shipping cost so you still should order a couple days in advance.

How Do I Prepare My Images? CMYK or RGB? Bleed?

Your images should be RGB and we recommend that they be in the sRGB color space, as this is closest to what our printers can reproduce.

Your images should ideally be 300 ppi, so an 8x10 would be 2400x3000.

You do not need to add bleed to the size of the print, but the printer will crop in ever so slightly, maybe 2-4mm all the way around so do not put any text or design elements within a quarter inch of the edges to be safe.

You can see more file requirements on the main website under File Requirements

Do You Offer Color Correction, or Print 'as is'?

Your images will be printed as is. Since the FBQ System is an archive of sorts where we will be printing the images over and over again it makes the most sense that the images are printed as is. If you need color correction or other editing done to your images you should do that before uploading them to the system. We do offer color correction services, but they are not part of the FBQ system and are not automated. If you need color correction done please contact us for a quote.

What Paper do You Use?

For prints up to 12x18 we print on Fuji Crystal Archive traditional photographic paper (light sensitive). We use Noristu printers, which expose the paper via a laser, and then the paper goes thru a wet process that developes and fixes the image. On the back of the paper there is a Fuji watermark as well as a couple small lines of text with the filename and date.

Prints that are 16x20 and larger are printed on an inkjet printer on Premier photo luster paper which has the same look and feel as the Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

Can I Get Some Samples?

Sure, we'd be happy to send you some samples, in fact we would encourage this before you start using our service just to make sure everything is ok. Please email us at and let us know what you would like to see and we'll send something out to you.

I Like to Download Random Images of my Favorite Sports Person/Celebrity off the Internet - Will You Print Them?

NO. Please DO NOT send us images that you do not have permission to print.

If we think you are asking us to print images that violate or infringe on someone elses copyright or trademark we will cancel your order and change the shipping fee to a non-refundable copyright violation fee. We do not want to do that so please do not send us images that you do not have permission to print!